Chase Oliver Applauds SCOTUS Decision to Overturn Bump-Stock Ban

ATLANTA – The Supreme Court boldly struck down the 2018 bump-stock ban championed by former President Donald Trump, affirming that law-abiding Americans have the right to own and use firearms responsibly.

In a resounding victory for Second Amendment rights, Justice Clarence Thomas’s majority opinion underscored that bump stocks do not transform semi-automatic rifles into illegal automatic weapons. The decision reiterates that the law’s letter, not conjecture, should guide judicial decisions.

“The Supreme Court has struck down the Trump Bump Stock Ban,” says Chase Oliver, Libertarian Presidential Nominee. “ This continues to reaffirm our liberty to defend ourselves.”

Michael Cargill, a Texas gun store owner who challenged the ban after surrendering his bump stocks, exemplifies the fight against unjust regulations. His case demonstrates that the legal process can rectify infringements on individual freedoms.

“I hope future court decisions continue to support our constitutionally protected right,” Oliver adds. “Shall not be Infringed has had a victory. Let’s keep moving forward by repealing further restrictions on our second amendment rights.”

The 2018 ban, enacted in response to the Las Vegas tragedy, equated bump stocks with illegal firearms. Today’s decision ensures that legislative responses to crime uphold constitutional principles and protect lawful gun owners.

Oliver, who was recently given an “A+ rating by the Gun Owners of Maine, is a champion for individual liberties, limited government, and economic freedom.

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