ATLANTA, GA – Former President Donald Trump is facing 34 counts of business fraud, according to news reports Thursday. Libertarian presidential hopeful Chase Oliver says the justice system needs to play out fully.

“No person is above the law, which includes a former or sitting president of the United
States.” Oliver says. “No one should be treated without the rights and protections
guaranteed under our Constitution, which also includes a former or sitting president of
the United States.”

News reports say that New York City Police Department will mobilize as soon as Friday in anticipation of potential unrest. Trump is expected to fly from his Florida home to New York and turn himself over on Tuesday.

“I will be asking for calm from all sides. Allow the justice system to run its course,”
Oliver says.

Rolling Stone dubbed Oliver the “most influential Libertarian” in the wake of his race for U.S. Senate, where he received 80,000 votes and forced a runoff between the Republican and Democrat candidates. Oliver launched his presidential exploratory committee after the Dec. 5 runoff election. Delegates choose the Libertarian presidential candidate at the party’s national convention May 24-26 2024 in Washington D.C.
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