Reforming Immigration for the 21st Century

“I think most people can agree that our nation’s immigration system is a mess. We need a President who will break the partisan logjam and bring people from all parties together to reform and modernize it. There are few better examples of “bad government” than the overly complex current laws and regulations involving immigration. The President needs to take the lead and work with Congress to radically simplify our immigration system so people can come here, work, and become members of our communities without being relegated to the shadows. Immigrants built this country and they can help keep it growing and prospering for future generations of Americans.”

Empowering People through Justice Reform

“It is long past time we address the problems with our criminal justice system. From Courts, to police, to prisons, we need reforms in every area with one goal in mind, empower people, not government. That means ending qualified immunity for federal law enforcement so those abused or harmed by law enforcement can have their day in court. It means ending mandatory minimum sentencing which ties the hands of judges, and compels even some who are innocent to plead guilty to avoid the possibility of lengthy incarceration. It means ending the prosecution of victimless crimes and instead placing the focus of law enforcement on investigating and prosecuting crimes of violence, theft, fraud or coercion.”

Making it Easier to Get to Work

“The next President must make it easier for Americans to find a good job to provide for themselves and their families.  I will start by going line by line through the tax and regulatory codes to free the market and make it easier to start a new business. We must end the subsidies and advantages that giant firms have purchased through lobbying and make it easier for small businesses to compete, innovate, and thrive. People create jobs, not Government. The best I can do as President is to keep the government out of your way.”

Ending the Failed War on Drugs for Good

“As the failed war on drugs drags into its fifth long decade, we can all see that the policies of strict prohibition and prison need to change. I will immediately act to remove all federal laws criminalizing cannabis, and end burdensome regulatory hurdles like, federal banking regulations, placed on the cannabis industry. As President, I will deschedule cannabis with the stroke of a pen – legislation isn’t required. I will also issue full pardons for persons who were convicted solely for non-violent drug offenses, and urge every governor to do the same. It’s time to end more than two generations of regressive, harmful, and unproductive drug policy and move America into a new chapter.”

Respecting and Defending your Right to Privacy and Civil Liberties

“It is often the case that the worst government abuses come disguised as protection from danger and harm. If you feel in danger, it becomes easy for the government to have you trade your liberty for the illusion of security. We have warrantless wiretaps, abuses of the FISA courts, an overarching Patriot Act to name a few. Even worse, we attempt to imprison those who expose the hard truths we need to hear.  As President, I will fight to end these programs which eat away at your constitutionally protected privacy and civil liberties and pardon those who have blown the whistle on abuse and illegal actions of our government.”

Ending Wars and Supporting Peace

“My entire adult life, our nation has been at war somewhere in the world. I have friends and loved ones who have served, and come home with the visible and invisible scars of combat.  I’ve seen them mourn their brothers and sisters who didn’t come home. I meet more and more anti-war veterans every day, and they know more than anyone the cost of war. It’s time we focus our foreign policy towards Peace. We should end our policy of sending drones around the world and instead foster international goodwill by defending free trade and free markets. Our nation has long had the moniker ‘leader of the free world.’  It is time we earn that distinction by insisting that Peace is the way forward. End the wars. End the drones. End the policy of constant intervention. It’s easy to drop a bomb, it’s much harder to serve as a beacon of Peace. We must take the more difficult but necessary path.”

Respecting Individual Choice on Tough Issues Like Abortion

“I recognize the complexity of this issue and how there can be good faith positions on both sides of the abortion debate. I am supportive of leaving these decisions out of the hands of the government and letting this decision rest with individuals in consultation with their doctors.  I am pro choice and will support efforts to protect bodily autonomy while also advocating for the Hyde Amendment which prevents federal dollars from funding abortions.”

Empowering Localities, Parents and Students in Education

“At the federal level, the best policy on education is to remove the federal government’s involvement in education. I support abolishing the Department of Education and block granting those funds back to states to be returned to taxpayers. I also support getting the government out of the student loan business so market forces can lower the cost of higher education over time.”

Replacing the Death Penalty with Humane Alternatives

“I am an opponent of the death penalty. In too many instances the government has carried out an execution and it was later found out that the convicted were actually innocent of their crimes. It also does not deter crime, and the act itself is both cruel and does nothing to restore what was lost by the victims.”

Championing the Gun Rights of All

“I support the right of every person to defend themselves from violence and aggression. I will not support any new gun restrictions and will look to repeal the restrictions that exist today. Gun control throughout our history has been used to limit the ability of vulnerable populations to defend themselves. Armed people are harder to oppress and harder to attack.”

Expanding Healthcare through Markets and Innovation

“Healthcare is too expensive because of government overregulation. We should advocate for market alternatives to heavily regulated employer provided insurance such as the Direct Primary Care model. We should also reform how we bring new drugs to market, and end practices such as patent evergreening which keep the cost of too many drugs artificially high. With more choices and free market forces, we will see a drop in the cost of healthcare overall.”

Restoring Prosperity by Reducing Inflation

“Each and every American is feeling the pinch of excessive inflation, especially those with the least safety net to begin with.  Among other factors, this is driven by massive overspending from the government and the printing money from thin air to pay for it. This cycle is unsustainable and we must cut spending to balance the budget. With spending under control, we will see an easing of inflation, and in the long run have a stronger, healthier, and more robust economy for all.”