The third party candidate who triggered a run-off

The reason this election went to a run-off in the first place is largely because of one man: Chase Oliver. The Libertarian candidate got only 2% of the vote in the November midterms – but it was enough to keep both Walker and Warnock under 50% of the vote – triggering today’s run-off.

Georgia Libertarian announces president exploratory committee

There’s speculation about who has their eyes set on the White House and it appears a top Georgia Libertarian is also considering a 2024 run. Chase Oliver, who ran as his party’s candidate in Georgia’s U.S. Senate race, announced Friday he is launching a presidential exploratory committee. The move is often the first step for a candidate to test the waters before committing to a campaign.

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“For me, like many of you, this is the worst inflation of my lifetime,” says Chase Oliver, who ran for Georgia’s U.S. Senate seat in 2022 and whose support forced a runoff. “Like most Americans, I feel the pinch of inflation when I’m buying my groceries or putting gas in my car. The policymakers in DC have lost touch with you, and this is why the president downplayed inflation in the State of the Union address.”

Chase Oliver – Florida Tour

Chase Oliver, dubbed the “most influential Libertarian” by Rolling Stone, will visit Central Florida this weekend as he explores a run for president.”During my trip through Central Florida I will be stopping at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando to pay respects to the victims of the Pulse shooting. Lives were lost due to senseless violence and the LGBTQ community in Orlando was forever changed by this tragic event.”

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